Hotronic LLC was founded in the month of June 2002 and the operation as a wholesaler was started in July the same year.
The main core of Hotronic Delta consists of the former employees of the purchase-sale entity of Hotronic Ltd.
The formation of a separated independent enterprise from an installation company was conditioned by the need to offer to Hotronic Ltd. security devices with a competitive price and quality. All the assumptions for it existed, as Hotronic Ltd. had been active as an installer as well as a purveyor-wholesaler for 9 years. During this time direct contacts with the manufacturers of security devices were formed all over the world. We have achieved the rights of a sole distributor of several manufacturers of security devices who are very well known in the world. This gives us operation strength in the Estonian market and a possibility to offer good prices to our customers. So for example we are sole distributors in Estonia for the following companies' products:

Apollo Security - access control systems
Synel Industries - access control systems
JVC Professional - CCTV products
Computar, Ganz - CCTV products
Eyetect - CCTV products
Cooper Security - intruder alarm products
IVEC - CCTV lenses
Tokina - CCTV lenses
Funktel - personal alarm systems and DECT telephones

Hotronic Delta has taken over the purchase-sale activity of Hotronic Ltd. and has developed further so far as it is in its powers. Naturally achieving sale success is extremely difficult but the small and hardworking staff of Hotronic Delta is able to do it.
The main partner of Hotronic Delta is and probably will be still for several years Hotronic Ltd. as one of the biggest and leading installers of security systems. Our aim is to become a considerable wholesaler of security devices in Estonia and it is possible as we are able to offer to our clients:

- security products with a good quality
- good price and considerable deadline for payment
- warranty of 12 months for the security products and if necessary the replacement of the products
- short procurement deadlines
- usage instructions in Estonian
- so much politeness and attention that the customer would be consent to purchase security devices only from Hotronic Delta.

I hope that the set aims will come true in the near future and wish to the employees of Hotronic Delta initiative for it and say to all the potential clients:
You are welcome!

Rudolf Kevato
Managing Director